No-Fuss Video Conferencing Using Tinychat

Where do you turn if you want to set up a video conference with your team at the drop of a hat? Tinychat is a simple, no-download, no-login chatroom that includes audio/video support and desktop sharing.

Getting started is simple — just browse the Tinychat web site and click the “Create your room” button. Tinychat will create a room that you can share with your team. Once in the room, just give yourself a nickname, hit the “Start broadcasting” button, and you’re set. Tinychat is dead simple to use, with a nice, clean interface. It’s Flash-based, (s adbe) so it should work in most browsers. Up to 12 people can join a video chat simultaneously.


There are some nice additional options, too, like a Facebook application and the ability to embed a Tinychat widget in your own web site, but it’s because the core product — videoconferencing — is so quick to set up and use that I’ll be returning to Tinychat. With no download required, setting up  impromptu teleconferences should be a breeze, even with fairly non-technical users.

Basic Tinychat is free. If you’d like private chatrooms, a Pro account provides up to five named rooms with password protection, higher quality video, and the ability to save your chats, at a cost of $14.95 per month.

(via O’Reilly Radar)