For Boxee CEO, Hulu Desktop Brings Hope


Given the sometimes contentious public relationship between the two companies, we were curious to find out what Boxee CEO Avner Ronen thought of Hulu‘s recent launch of its desktop app. Sure, we read his response via Boxee’s corporate blog — but what did Ronen and Co. really think?

We cornered Ronen at the Connections Conference to find out what kind of fist-shaking went through Boxee HQ the day Hulu broke the news. Ronen is not one to shy away from public debate, but his attitude was downright congenial towards Hulu during our talk.

While Ronen was surprised by Hulu’s move, he said it was a good surprise since it basically validates the lean-back experience Boxee has been working on; and if Hulu has bought into the 10-foot browsing, maybe other media companies will, too. Ronen holds out hope the two can mend fences. (Hopefully, he’s not holding his breath.) Check out Ronen’s full thoughts on Hulu’s desktop app in the video below, as well as the new TV-friendly browser YouTube launched this week.



I could only watch the first 17 seconds of this video, I tried multiple times to watch it in full but it’s not working properly. Just thought I would share that information.

The Fuzz

Would be great to see these guys play nice together.. No reason they can’t be friends. It’s time these people started embracing what each one of them brings to the table.

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