FiOS Install Complete; Expect Posts to be 8x Faster Now



Posting has been scarce this morning, as I watched Terry, my Verizon FiOS (s VZ) installer, make the magic happen. He just completed the install — and did a bang-up job, as you can tell by the results of a quick speedtest: low latency and solid speeds both up and down! For $65 a month, I’m a happy camper.

I’ll have to get my wireless home network properly set up, but I can do that in the off-hours. For now, it’s time for lunch and then back to work. I actually can’t wait to use this nice, fat pipe to upload some high-def video from the new Canon T1i DSLR. I used it for yesterday’s review of the Plantronics Voyager PRO Bluetooth headset, and I think the output looks great, even at full screen. The upload over DSL was a killer, though. Not anymore!



Could you provide an article describing the install?

I have had FIOS available to me for over a year but have been hesitant to switch as my Cox service is fine.

My concern about FIOS has been all the crap they need to install (battery, router, interface box, etc.). My electrical panel and all my utility interfaces are on the back of my house but as my garage is on the front of my house my den is on the back wall of my house which means that all the hardware would likely need to be installed on one wall of my den. A brief description and a couple pix of what they installed would give me some idea as to how I might be able to hide that stuff from sight.

Enjoy your speed!!


Stewie, they usually put the router somewhere near your main computer. As for the battery backup unit, that’s usually inside, but close to the ONT outside (on the other side of the wall is easiest). Is there a closet or something in your den where the BBU could be hidden from view. Keep in mind it will also need a electrical outlet.


Nice… Still waiting for my area to get FIOS up and running. They have been digging around for quite a while. Soon I will have those nice uploads and downloads.

Andy P

Another FiOS troubleshooting tip (not that you’ll need to use it, but just in case). Verizon will usually use your existing COAX cable inside the house. You want to make sure that you have very good cables and connections including good splitters. The reason for this is that some HD channels can dropout if the SNR (signal noise) is high. It depends on the specific type of HD channel you are on (yes all digital channels are NOT equal). You can easily check your signal quality to the Verizon STB by hitting the POWER button followed immediately by SELECT SELECT button twice. This puts the STB in self-diagnostics mode (don’t worry you can’t hurt anything by doing this). You want to look at the SNR settings under the OOB tag. Anything above 30db would be excellent. Under 20db and your asking for trouble. Enjoy your uncompressed HD channels. Nothing out there beats FiOS. I think AT&T’s U-Verse is the closest but it still pales in comparison.


Did you get the “Triple Play” option (TV+Internet+Phone)?

How much for all three?

FiOS is supposed to be available to me in August. Fingers crossed.


Kevin C. Tofel

I opted not to get the “Triple Play” option. I really wanted a fast pipe for uploads so I built my own package. The 20 Mbps up/down deal I got isn’t available in a pre-configured package. Cost is $64.99 a month. I also got the Extreme HD Package for FiOS TV, which was another $57.99 plus $19.99 a month for the HD/DVR box. Deets here:

The only reason we kept our phone line was for the old DSL service, so with the FiOS, we dumped the landline and we’re sticking with out cell phones. Hope you get the service in August, if not before then! :)

Andy P

Hey Kevin, remember that Verizon FiOS router (ActionTek) is also being used to supply your TV Program Guide, Widgets and Video On Demand (VOD). Anytime you are having problems with these 3 services you should try power-cycling your router before calling Verizon. Enjoy all that HD channels.

Andy P

I wonder how long it will take Kevin the Power User to outgrow this wimpy 20 Mbps and upgrade to the manly 50 Mbps plan. I’ll give you less than a year before you make the move. ha ha. FYI, I had a 100 Mbps internet connection back in the early nineties at work. Talk about spoiled, I had to go home to a 56K dialup connection. Needless to say I got a lot of “personal” business done during late nights at work.


damn i hate you… but it’s just jealousy with very little malice involved. awesome speeds man..

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