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Coffee Break- Microsoft Arc Mouse is Sweet

I’m working in the local coffee shop with the Viliv X70EX UMPC as a little laptop. I have my portable keyboard in front, and today I am adding the mouse I just picked up. The Microsoft Arc Mouse (s MSFT) is not new, but I finally picked one up, and I’m glad I did.

The Arc Mouse is a wireless portable mouse with two things that set it apart from the crowd. The first is it folds in half, making it very small for transport. The second is the USB dongle that plugs into the PC is very small and can even be left plugged in all the time, with little worry about breakage.

When folded, the mouse is as small as can be, but when it’s opened, it becomes a full-sized mouse that fits the hand perfectly. It tracks well and has a nice scroll wheel. It also has a button on the side that can do special functions when the Intellipoint software is installed, but I haven’t done that yet. I find the Arc Mouse to be a very good solution for the mobile worker.

6 Responses to “Coffee Break- Microsoft Arc Mouse is Sweet”

  1. Gordon Cahill

    +1. Why is it we can’t get a decent Bluetooth mouse? I’d trade one of the kids for a programable 4 button BT mouse.


  2. Agreed. I love mine. It’s perfectly portable. I like the size of the adapter, but wish they had a bluetooth version so I could eliminate it completely!

  3. Oliver

    So you didn’t end up getting the bluetrack mouse after all?! Any particular reason? I was looking at both yesterday at Best Buy, and I think I’ll go with the Bluetrack since I am getting tired of carrying around a mouse pad for surfaces that don’t work well with regular optical mice.

  4. I couldn’t agree more. I picked one up a month or two ago and love it.

    Although it gets the job done, I think the wheel feels a little flimsy and I wish they released a bluetooth version but other than that I love my Arc mouse.