BlackBerry Pearl 8230 Flips to Verizon’s Network


36699_BlackBerry_Flip_FlatLeftTopOpen.jpgCome June 19th, you’ll find the Flip on Verizon Wireless. This is the clamshell BlackBerry (s RIMM) that’s been around the block with other carriers for some time now. Verizon Wireless (s VZ) says it will set you back $129.99 after a $70 mail-in rebate and new 2-year deal. Key features include:

  • Two high-resolution color displays; the external LCD lets customers preview incoming messages without opening the handset
  • 2.0 megapixel camera with zoom, flash and video recording capabilities; video recording requires a microSD(TM) card, which can be purchased separately
  • Large SureType(R) QWERTY keyboard for easy typing and dialing
  • Advanced media player for music, videos and pictures
  • microSD/SDHC card slot with support for up to 16 GB of memory per card
  • BlackBerry(R) Internet Service and BlackBerry(R) Enterprise Server support
  • Voice-activated dialing and speakerphone capabilities

Has anyone used the Flip with another carrier? I’m curious how the BlackBerry experience translates to a small clamshell with SureType keyboard.



I’m considering this phone. Does anyone know if this phone can handle the slacker media player? I’m concerned about the processor being capable. Also, the keys aren’t exposed so how effective is it to skip a song or rate it up/down?


I have the Flip on T-Mobile.

This is my 4th Berry and my second favorite.

I love the clamshell, since I like to open the phone and hang up on people with a ‘snap’.
The dual screens are great, as is the ability to scroll through all unopened mails, missed calls and appointments without opening it up.

The Suretype is a better experience than other Berry’s with the limited keyboards because the keys are that much bigger… However the single letter to a button keyboard in the 8900 type machines is far, far easier to use, and I will go back to the full keyboard again when this contract allow me.

Sure Type is OK, but since most of my mails use technical or business phrases, I find that I end up making many typos with the SureType that need painfully slow correcting.

The flip does seem to suffer from periodic crashing which I have never experienced before with other Berrys which is annoying when it occurs (about once every month or two).

But for a compact and tactile Blackberry experience, it is otherwise superb.

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