Five Features Bing Shouldn’t Be Getting Credit For


imageMicrosoft (NSDQ: MSFT) has admitted publicly that it did a poor job of making people aware of the features in its old search engine. With the rollout of Bing, it’s becoming crystal clear just how unfamiliar people were with Live Search. Features that had long existed in Live Search are suddenly getting noticed and being branded as “new.”
Five examples:

Smart motion previews: Internet safety experts are up in arms, according to a Fox News story, because Bing’s video search lets visitors preview videos by hovering their cursors over a thumbnail — potentially providing a way for children to watch porn without having to navigate to a porn site. But, according to Bing Search GM Mike Nichols, who responded to the controversy in a blog post Thursday, the feature has actually existed for “well more than a year.”

Bing 411: TechCrunch said that Bing 411 — a feature that lets users call a number to get local information — was a “direct swipe” at a similar Google (NSDQ: GOOG) product and had been “lost in all the excitement” around the launch of Bing. Other publications also covered the supposed “introduction” of Bing 411. But the product had existed under the name Live Search 411 since October 2007.

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Photos on the home page: In its adulatory review, the WSJ said, “ evokes the cover of a glossy magazine with a stunning photo that takes over the page. This photo, usually slightly off-beat and somewhat alluring, changes every day.” Microsoft introduced photo-heavy front pages on Live Search in June 2008.

Bing Mobile: Microsoft got lots of attention for the roll-out of the mobile version of its search engine. But by the company’s own admission, the mobile version did not include any new features.

Local Business Center: SEORoundtable, which also points out how Bing is getting praised for old features in Live Search, notes that “people are first noticing that Bing has a Local Business Center.” But as SEORoundtable notes it already existed in Live Search — all that’s new is the URL.

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If I'll just based my comment in what I've read, I can conclude that all five features of Bing are absolutely great. What concerns me most is that if I'll be using it now, will it function as expected?


When I saw the preview video I was impressed – but reality is different. The regular web search results are a step backward from

Graham Anderson

The mobile search service for the UK seems pretty poor. While it will accept UK post codes, it can't handle UK street addresses. With an East London postcode, the No.1 result for "Indian Restaurants" was for a place in Milton Keynes.


Bing has also been getting a lot of credit for giving answers instead of links — for instance weather forecasts and athlete statistics. But Live, Yahoo, and Google have been doing this for years.

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