KPMG Mobile Study: Music, Gaming, mCommerce, Mobile TV In India

imageConsultant KPMG just released the results of a worldwide survey of mobile users and here are some of the highlights:

  • 86% respondents in India are likely to watch live TV on mobile phones in next 12 months
  • >95% Indians surveyed were satisfied with their music download experience
  • >63% respondents were satisfied with mobile gaming services in India
  • m-commerce applications continue to face challenges for gaining wider acceptance in India
  • 93% say clear pricing and 94% say download speed as influencing factors for purchase of video clips and mobile TV

KPMG surveyed 4,190 respondents in 19 countries, of which only 210 were from India.

The survey found a high level of willingness among Indian users to experiment with new generation mobile services. Indians were most likely to use mobile chat services in the next 6-12 months (34% said yes, while the world average was 18%) and also to watch live TV on mobile (87% said very likely, world average:67%).

Those who use mobile gaming or download music on their phones, were satisfied with their user experience. A majority of respondents are comfortable with mobile banking, but privacy is a concern and inconvenience is hindering wider penetration.

Customers are willing to receive ads in exchange for free music downloads. In India, customers are willing to allow tracking of online usage in exchange for lower Internet costs. Pricing is a big factor–regularly influences mobile and multimedia technology purchases.

Only 40% of Indian respondents said they were somewhat comfortable using their mobile phones for some kind of a financial transaction. Only 7 out of 215 respondents, however, conducted a banking transaction through mobile in the last six months.