Twas the Night Before FiOS


dsl-speedTwas the night before FiOS, when all through the house
Not a peripheral was stirring, not even a mouse.
The routers were connected to coax with care,
In hopes that Verizon (s VZ) soon would be there;
The PCs were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of fast thoughput danced in their heads;
Twas nearly a year for the process to take,
Surely it’s worth it for heaven’s sake;
With one last speed test performed this very day,
We’re ready for DSL to go far, far away



Oh the good old days of DSL. Welcome to fios!

Re: fios tv, there are ways to bypass the actiontec wireless router even with fios tv service. You can read up on it at dslreports.


Kevin, I understand why you want FIOS so bad. Your DSL speeds are terrible. Especially the upload speed.


Are you going to switch to FIOS TV, too? I keep hesitating to do that, because I understand that you have to use Verizon’s wireless-G router, if you do. I suppose I could attach my draft N router as a switch, but it seems like I’d lose speed inside the house.



All I got was a lump of coal, a bill and a Cap :(
I hate my cable company :(


Let me know if nyou need Snoopy Goggles and a Scarf. That kind of speed can be intense. Welcome to HiSpeed, its “NICE”.

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