Sony Ericsson the Latest to Join the App Store Frenzy

153116Updated: Hey if carriers aren’t shying away from starting “app stores,” then why should Sony Ericsson (s sne) (s ericy)? The company today announced plans to sell applications through its PlayNow service — which has so far been used to sell mobile content — in 13 different countries for use on 38 Sony Ericsson phone models, with support for more devices to come later. Sony Ericsson has taken a pragmatic approach to its app store. Instead of forcing developers to support yet another platform, Sony Ericsson’s app store will initially accept Java and Symbian OS applications and later support other platforms. Update: According to this press release, GetJar, an indie mobile app seller, is going to be providing apps for Sony Ericsson’s PlayNow service. (Related GigaOM Pro Research: Will Google Lead the Way in Mobile App Innovation?)