Notable News in the Tech World

Twitter is everywhere — everywhere, that is, but China. Government censors in the world’s most populous country have closed its Great Firewall ahead of the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre in order to “shield” citizens from online dissent and pro-democracy web sites. In addition to Twitter, some of the sites most recently added to the list of those being blocked include Flickr, Hotmail and (possibly including newly launched Bing?). YouTube, Blogspot and the Chinese version of WordPress were already on it.

Notable Quote

Allow me to say this: Get over it already. I might not appear to be a Twitter snob, but I am a big enough jerk to tell you to suck it up! Ha! But seriously, quit crying. You know what seems like the central message of these complaints is? It’s the same thing with most Twitter-related complaints: ‘You don’t follow me and you don’t use Twitter the way I, Self-Appointed Social Media Guru, use Twitter.’ Better to be seen as a snob than a self-absorbed whiner, I say. There’s no crying in Twitter.” – AdAge journalist Ken Wheaton, after readers complained about the mag’s list of “25 Media People You Should Follow on Twitter.

Notable News

Dish Network ordered to pay $103 million plus interest to TiVo in a years-old patent infringement case (Associated Press)

Apple’s flagship retail store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan booked $440 million in yearly sales (NY Post)

Orthopedists are reporting cases of “cell phone elbow,” a repetitive strain injury caused by holding a cell phone for too long (CNN)