Google Mobile Lands on S60 Devices

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gma-s60-indian-restaurant.jpgI used to think the Google Mobile application was simply a faster way to get to Google’s (s goog) products on the web. But over time, the search giant has added features that make it much more valuable than a bunch of web favorites. Today, Symbian S60 device owners get to see what I mean: Google Mobile for S60 just launched as a free download.

S60 owners can take advantage of the built-in location awareness. Using My Location will return search results local to your handset, for example. The search history and search suggestions are time-savers, too. I’m actually surprised that it took so long for Google Mobile to appear on the S60 platform, but then again, I get surprised when Google features show up on the Apple (s AAPL) iPhone before they hit Android handsets, too. ;)

1 Comment

Ricky Cadden

It gets better than just searching – they didn’t show it in the post, but you also get one-click access to all of Google’s mobile services.

For the ones that have apps – Gmail, Google Maps Mobile, YouTube – if it’s installed on your phone, clicking the shortcut will launch that app. For the rest, it’s one-click access to the mobile website.

I took some screenshots, they’re available here: Feel free to use them if you update your post.

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