Some Interest In Cisco's Servers, Survey Says

logoCisco today said it would add a rack-mounted server as a second form factor for its Unified Communications Computing System. That’s Cisco’s fancy name for its blade server — soon to be available as a pizza box — packed with processors, memory and virtualized I/O. It will release the rack-mounted servers during the fourth quarter of this year. Cisco CTO Padmasree Warrior also unveiled some nifty data from a survey conducted by Goldman Sachs last month.

The investment bank interviewed 100 IT executives at Fortune 1000 companies, and learned that 18 percent plan to evaluate the Cisco server within the next year. So it looks like some IT folks will give it a whirl. The same survey also found that two-thirds of the respondents expected “increased presence for Cisco servers in their data centers in the next 2-3 years.” That “finding,” however, is kind of silly. Few companies currently have Cisco servers inside their data centers; adding just one would immediately increase the “presence” of such hardware.


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