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Sony Swings High With Pricing (Yet Again) On PSP Go

imagePlenty of details about Sony’s new PSP Go had been leaked in recent weeks — but the company saved the biggest news about its next-gen portable gaming device for E3 attendees — the $249 price tag. That’s about $80 more than the PSP-3000 (its predecessor), or the Nintendo DSi, a factor that has some gamers already saying they can’t justify buying one:

“I’m comfortable to wait and see how well it is embraced and hope for a price drop,” said one Gamasutra reader. And on Kotaku: “Think ill keep my 150 psp with a 16 gig card and just download the games for free thanks.”

So what do the gamers that are willing to pay up get in exchange? A definite upgrade from the original Playstation Portable (PSP); the PSP Go is lighter, with a slide out panel for the controls (akin to a T-Mobile Sidekick), better Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, and no disk drive — meaning all games need to be downloaded directly to the device. Users will also be able to download music through Sony’s new partnership with eMusic, as well as movies and TV shows directly from the PlayStation Network. But with electronics sales in a slump, it’s not clear whether any of these new features will be enough to entice buyers (a situation Sony’s already grappling with in terms of PS3 sales).

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