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Murdoch’s Memo: ‘Not A Time To Stand Still’

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imageChairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch used the announcement of Chase Carey as his new deputy to offer News Corp (NYSE: NWS) staff — and the rest of us — “a state of the company” snapshot. Murdoch talks about the management changes already made in advance of Peter Chernin’s departure as president and COO on June 30, including shifts on the entertainment side and the appointment of Jon Miller to head digital operation. And he mentions the “new leadership” at the top of MySpace as an example of positive changes. Now Murdoch (and company) have to prove he’s not just rearranging deck chairs. The full memo is after the jump.

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2 Responses to “Murdoch’s Memo: ‘Not A Time To Stand Still’”

  1. Howard Bowen

    I hope Murdock and his cohorts soon fill the growing intelligence void with a super smart FAQ that will pre-ordain my mind to know what I care about. Truth? heck-no, that never works with question marks in the Headline. Love? not with todays genocide fondling whoredoms. Integrity? isn't that something they put in an integrated circuit board? Common decency? the last of common decency got flushed out in the 60,000,000 blood bath of WWII. The next generations only got worse. God? that's bull-o-knee! Me and my computer are like a shovel compared to Gods intelligence and power. The Golden Rule? forgotten.