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Digg’s New Advertising Platform; Marketers Pay Based On Diggs

imageThe line between traditional content and advertising on Digg is about to get much much smaller. The news-sharing site announced plans Wednesday for a new advertising platform that will intersperse ads among the streams of stories. Just like with stories, users will now be able to vote on ads that show up in the streams (Click on the thumbnail to the right for an example). Advertisers will then pay depending on the popularity of their content. “The more an ad is Dugg, the less the advertiser will have to pay. Conversely the more an ad is buried, the more the advertiser is charged, pricing it out of the system,” says Digg Chief Strategy Officer Mike Maser in a blog post.

For advertisers, this will provide a way to get Digg users to directly interact with their content — be it good or bad. It should also motivate them to set up their ads much like the typical Digg entry, thereby breaking down the traditional content-advertising wall even further. Indeed, Maser says he expects the ads to “link to stories, video trailers, independent product reviews

5 Responses to “Digg’s New Advertising Platform; Marketers Pay Based On Diggs”

  1. Each n every social media site is changing there features and making them as advanced as they can to gain more n more attention of visitors and also finding some new ways to utilize the traffic they get in a more profitable manner

  2. jenkins

    Digg is DEAD. This is too late. Advertisers don't care about DIGG. They will run in horror when they see the terrible ROI that comes from DIGG.

  3. Digg is one of the most popular sites nowadays. Many people are into Digg. If this new Advertising platform will push through, Digg will surely get so much benefit from this.