With 2M Downloads, Where Is Right on Track

image001Where, a location-based mobile application from Boston-based uLocate, is quickly becoming a must-have on newer mobile platforms such as the iPhone (s aapl) and Android (s goog). It’s been download 2 million times and garnered a million registered users, numbers that are likely to head further north once Palm (s palm) launches its Pre — Where is a showcase application on Palm’s new webOS.

I like using the Where app on my iPod touch, mostly because it acts like a “portal” for a lot a location-based services. It has integrated many individual LBS apps, such as Locate Starbucks and Yellow Pages. But it’s gone beyond simple aggregation to unify various different services into one, seamless experience. For instance it allows you to search for a movie, make dinner plans — and share both with anyone in your address book.

I recently met with uLocate’s executives, who shared Where’s usage data with me. Of those million registered users, they told me, 200,000 are using it on an Android platform — far more than on the iPhone. That’s mostly because the iPhone version of the Where app is a year old and in need of a major performance upgrade. The company plans to release a new iPhone version shortly.

According to uLocate execs, Social Networking, Local Search, Weather, Movies and News are the five most important usage categories. Among the top brands “searched” via Where are Wal-Mart, Pizza Hut, Target, Papa Johns, McDonald’s, Bank of America and Taco Bell. Clearly people are searching for “fast food” on Where. Big surprise — half of its users are under 44.