Wanted: "Star Trek" Technology for Web Workers


I’m a big fan of “Star Trek,” all the way from the original series to the most recent movie. And I spend more time than I should admit to playing “What if?” games with “Star Trek” technologies, wondering how I’d use each technology if it existed in real life. Lately I’ve started thinking about how the technologies could apply to those of us who make our living online. Here a few of my top uses for “Star Trek” technologies for web workers.


While I love to visit new places, I hate losing an entire day on an airplane while going through the hassle of air travel. The liquid restrictions and all of the rules about what you can and cannot take with you on the airplane can be a real drag for travel in the United States. I want to be able beam directly from my house to my client’s office for all of my business travel. You could beam to the office for a morning of work, beam home for lunch, beam back for the afternoon and beam back home to sleep in your own bed. I’ll bet that I could even find a few spare minutes to beam over to mom’s house for some homemade apple pie!


We’ve all had those times when we weren’t quite equipped for the task at hand: missing tools, missing parts, incorrect cables and more. I would love to be able to replicate any technology required at a moment’s notice. Out of ink for your printer? Replicate new ink. Low on paper or disk drive space? Replicate more. Think about how much time we would save by not making lunch or going out for lunch if we could walk up to the replicator and simply request a bowl of soup and a side salad.


How many times do you need a quick break during the day or want to grab a quick workout? If we had holodecks, we could have personal gyms with holographic personal trainers available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with no waiting for the next available treadmill or squat rack. I could save a lot of time by not having to go out to the gym, while still having an unlimited amount of equipment. I could even visit a sunny beach for a few minutes when I needed to escape the computer and take some time to relax.

How would you use Star Trek technologies to improve your work if they existed in real life?


Deb Frawley

I love the holodeck idea. How many times have you wished you could be somewhere else? This could work very well at those gatherings when you just have to get away for a minute!


Simon is right. I just had a call from a client yesterday on delivering a stronger message to their third-party salesforce and after a lengthy discussion I recommended a campaign using drop.io because of the shared files, the security, the presentation mode, the chat, and the provided conference call capability.

FD: Nope, I don’t work for drop.io, just discovered them through a friend and am enamored with their service.

Chandra Clarke

Check out what the XBox 360 has just released, re: holodeck. We’re *almost* there.

(Me? I’ll take a replicator, as I do like my Earl Grey tea, hot.)


I would become a writer/producer/director of my own holodeck “films” or scenarios. It would offer an unparalleled opportunity for creativity much as movies and MMORPG games have, only in real-time holographics.

Aunty Proton


Like your thinking, Dawn, especially on that transporter for client meetings. No traffic, never late, those are some big benefits.

The replicator may not be far away. We are already working on robots that reconfigure themselves from parts and even create new parts as needed using special printers. Oh-oh, that’s the movie that talks about SkyNet, we need to concentrate on a future where robots still follow Clarke’s three rules of robotics.

As for the holodeck, that could easily be the only room we need, continually transforming from bedroom to kitchen to office to gym to….well whatever you think fits.

Thanks for the break. Back to writing about greening up walk-in freezer technology.

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