Screenshots: Google's Online Energy Tool PowerMeter


googlepowermetersly1 If you’ve been wondering what Google’s online energy management tool PowerMeter will look like, then we’ve got a treat for you: The company showed off PowerMeter as an iGoogle gadget that manages home energy data this afternoon to participants of a demo call, including what the gadget looks like embedded on the iGoogle home page, as well as in a more expanded version. Notably, Google exec Tom Sly said on the call that Google has no intention of charging utilities, customers and third-party vendors for it — in other words, it has no business model for PowerMeter.


Robert White

“it has no business model for PowerMeter.”


Bob F.

How is Google getting the household energy consumption information to display on the PowerMeter? Are they teaming up with utilities, or do they have their own mechanism for capturing that data?

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