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iTunes 8.2 Update Available Ahead of 3.0 Release; QuickTime Security Flaw Patched

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iTunes 8.2 became available for anyone and everyone with a Mac, not just developers, late yesterday. A pre-release version of the update has been available to registered iPhone developers since the release of iPhone OS 3.0 beta 4 a few weeks ago, and is required for those hoping to run the 3.0 software on their Apple (s aapl) handheld devices. The release at this time strongly suggests that iPhone OS 3.0 will go live very soon, possibly immediately following the WWDC keynote speech taking place next week.

Aside from adding support for the upcoming firmware revision, the iTunes 8.2 update also brings the usual stability enhancements and bug fixes, including a security patch involving “itms:” links used to open iTunes locations from the web. Parsing the URLs could lead to a stack overflow or arbitrary code execution, which would allow an attacker to completely take over the iTunes process.

QuickTime 7.6.2, which became available alongside the iTunes update, also patches security flaws…10, in fact, all of which involve crashes or arbitrary code execution resulting from viewing malicious content.

A third update, GarageBand 5.0.2, improves the artist lesson purchasing experience, and allows access to installed jam packs in the loop browser. As with most Apple updates, it also includes various security fixes and bug squashes.

The iTunes update has arrived a little early, considering Apple has yet to release or announce the official release date of iPhone OS 3.0, but it’s probably just being smart about a major software update and spacing things out so that its servers can better handle the load when the millions of iPhone users rush to download the firmware revision at the same time. Hopefully, by staging releases, it will avoid the kind of frustrating experiences that accompanied the release of iPhone firmware 2.0 last year.

Some users are already reporting issues with the new updates, including odd behavior from iPhones running the latest firmware beta and iTunes 8.2 final, and a bug wherein a considerable number of songs went missing from one person’s library.

I actually have yet to install the iTunes 8.2 update. While the other updates show up for me without issue, I can’t get Software Update to find the iTunes update. I thought maybe this was because I had the latest pre-release version already installed, but others with the beta seem to have been able to install. My MacBook, which hasn’t been updated with the latest test build, detected and installed the new version without problem. Let us know if you’re having any issues with any of these updates.

22 Responses to “iTunes 8.2 Update Available Ahead of 3.0 Release; QuickTime Security Flaw Patched”

  1. I’m completely disgusted with this iTunes update. Can’t burn cds anymore. Not only that, but when I uninstalled iTunes 8.2, then reinstalled iTunes 7.7, I got an error message saying my library was created by a new version of iTunes and could not be opened. Neither could the iTunes 7.7 at that point. I’ve done the whole thing three times now and wasted at least a dozen cds. Gross.

    using Windows XP

  2. daune

    what you have to do

    1.Go to add or unistall programs.
    2.Look for apple software update.
    3.Go to repair.
    4.Wait for the repair to finish.
    5.Uninstall it.
    6.Uninstall iTunes and quicktime.
    7.Then try to install 8.2.

  3. Grant

    I have repeatedly tried to download the new 8.2 version of itunes and yet my powerbook wont recognize it, my iphone now isnt recognized by itunes and ive tried to delete itunes, restore the iphone etc. This new version of itunes is creating loads of problems I’ve never enountered. Does anyone have a suggestion or know when the next version will be out?

  4. Doonsie

    Well ever since I upgraded I can’t get my queued downloads – I keep messages saying that the network has timed out BUT it hasn’t!!!

    Anyone else having the “time out” issue???

  5. Phares

    I am having trouble as well. It backed up my phone and got ready to update it and when it says leave it plugged in, Itunes will open iphone automatically. It never happened. It searches for itune’s store and says:
    We could not complete your iTunes Store request. The network connection timed out.
    My network connection is fine. and my phone is not usable at all right now! Its waiting for me to put the new crap back on it and now i don’t have old or new!? Why is it trying to connect to the store anyway?

  6. NOT happy w/ this update. tried to install 8.2 Itunes this morning on my Vista machine and now Itunes will not even open properly…it’s a mess. the install provided a clue – at the end it said something about special Iphone sofware and when i try to open Itunes it says: the software required for communicating with Ipods and mobile phones was not installed correctly’ and it asks about repairing it…neither option works.

    so i’m panicked as i run a record label and online CD store and i use this all day long and now can’t. Opening in 8.01 will now not work, as a result of whatever happened w/ this upate. any ideas?

    MUCH appreciated!

  7. does anybody have any idea why itunes on the macbook pro automatically starts and will not close…everytime i close it, it reopens. this started after the update and will only close after terminating launchd which screws everything up

    • I had the same issue until I deleted the iMote tool that controlled my iTune. I’ve read that some plug-in to iTunes can have this behavior.

  8. I just installed the new upgrade. Now I notice that my sound output from the headphone jack has nearly cut the left side and I get a popping if I turn the sound up to 70% or higher on volume.

    The headphones work on other items (iPod, phone, etc). Just noticed this after the upgrade. Any tips on this issue?

  9. Aslam

    Same for me. I was running the beta but the final release doesn’t come up in my software update.

    Anyone have a solution for this?