8 Years After XP, Windows 7 Arrives on October 22

windows-7-logoNearly eight years to the day since XP arrived, Microsoft is releasing Windows 7, on October 22, 2009. It was October 25, 2001 that XP, the world’s most-used PC operating system was launched. Yup, you’ll need that on “Jeopardy!” someday. ;)

Unlike Vista, which arrived in early 2007, I personally haven’t seen many of the driver issues in Windows 7 that plagued the launch of its predecessor. And the operating system appears to “do more with less” from my usage over the past eight months. The meager hardware in my netbook seems a step faster and more responsive than it did with Vista, for example.

While we know the launch date, we don’t yet know what the cost will be. For many, the license cost will be aggregated into the price of a new computer but there are always some consumers that want to buy a retail license for an older computer. Microsoft estimates that the Windows 7 code will be “released to manufacturing” in the next 6-8 weeks. If you’re using the Release Candidate of Windows 7 and you’ve got a bug, make sure you report it soon!


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