8 Years After XP, Windows 7 Arrives on October 22


windows-7-logoNearly eight years to the day since XP arrived, Microsoft (s MSFT) is releasing Windows 7, on October 22, 2009. It was October 25, 2001 that XP, the world’s most-used PC operating system was launched. Yup, you’ll need that on “Jeopardy!” someday. ;)

Unlike Vista, which arrived in early 2007, I personally haven’t seen many of the driver issues in Windows 7 that plagued the launch of its predecessor. And the operating system appears to “do more with less” from my usage over the past eight months. The meager hardware in my netbook seems a step faster and more responsive than it did with Vista, for example.

While we know the launch date, we don’t yet know what the cost will be. For many, the license cost will be aggregated into the price of a new computer but there are always some consumers that want to buy a retail license for an older computer. Microsoft estimates that the Windows 7 code will be “released to manufacturing” in the next 6-8 weeks. If you’re using the Release Candidate of Windows 7 and you’ve got a bug, make sure you report it soon!



It seems that Win7 is what Vista should be, and after a few service packs I can’t complain too much, 64-bit is working great sans a few hiccups that can be expected on any PC.

From a marketing perspective, I want to know if MSFT is going to product the fanfare it did with the release of Win95 or even XP.

Win95 commercials inspired me to buy a computer, XP inspired me again, turned me to a techhead and so Vista was just curiosity and natural progression. What about the entire generation that grew up only knowing XP?

MSFT, how are you going to inspire them?


Seems like a long period of time between releasing the software to manufacturing (what does that really mean… do they more than put it on an FTP site for the OEMs and burn a bunch of DVDs for the retail boxes?) and general availability in October. By then, a dozen new vulnerabilities will have already been identified in IE 8 and the first order of the day will be to download a whole bunch of patches.


Windows 7 will be available to download from sites like MSDN, Technet and Connect once it reaches RTM. I believe the delay between that and GA is designed to give OEMs and ISVs a chance to ensure that their hardware/software is fully compatible before it’s available for consumers. Business will also have access to the final version at this point if the Vista release is anything to go by.


I’ve been enjoying the bliss that is Windows 7 since installing the Beta in January. What a difference in experience from XP to Vista to Win7. Honestly, it’s hard going back to XP and impossible to even consider Vista for me at this point. I even find myself trying things on my work XP systems that only work in 7. In any case, October 22nd can’t come soon enough! :)


I just recently picked up a Fujitsu U810, and loaded Win 7.

It sure beats Vista. I haven’t tried “downgrading” the unit to XP, but from what I hear so far, Win 7 is equivalent in performance.

“Sigh”…I may finally have to purchase a Microsoft OS.


What I would like to know is do folks that buy a new computer from now on with Vista get any upgrades to Win 7 when it is released. Otherwise it would seem to make more sense to hold off on the purchase for a few more months. Also, will new PC’s ship from now on with Vista SP2 until Win 7 arrives?

Kevin C. Tofel

Microsoft will offer an upgrade to Windows 7 to folks that buy a Vista-based PC, but they haven’t yet released the details.

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