YouTube XL Tries Bringing Web Video To Your TV

imageLess than a week after Hulu set (some) of its content free with a downloadable desktop application, comes the launch of YouTube XL, a browser-based version of the site that has been optimized for TV viewing.

Users need to link their computer or browser-enabled game console to the TV to access YouTube XL; almost all of the content is available, though rights restrictions will keep some premium shows off-limits — just like with Hulu. Kuan Yong, product manager for YouTube platforms, told NewTeeVee that YouTube XL would serve as the default web-to-TV video interface moving forward, since developing custom apps for individual TV manufacturers like *LG* wasn’t a “scalable” option.

It’s an upgrade from the YouTube for TV beta that Google debuted in mid-January. YouTube XL boasts an extra large video player and streamlined navigation controls; unnecessary social features like suggested videos and comments have been stripped out to keep the interface clean on the (bigger) screen.