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Dutch News Site Sued For The Way Google Indexed Its Pages

imageA Google (NSDQ: GOOG) algorithm has managed to get a Dutch community news site successfully sued., a network of user-edited news portals, was sued by a local BMW dealer, Zwartepoorte, because a Google search for Zwartepoorte + bankrupt returned a result for with this summary: “Full name: Zwartepoorte. Specialty: BMW

2 Responses to “Dutch News Site Sued For The Way Google Indexed Its Pages”

  1. steve x

    so, if someone took a pair of scissors to a newspaper and rearranged the words so that it read something libellous, the newspaper would be sued, not the scissor-wielder?

  2. What?! That's ridiculous! The legal teams really need to do their research properly. No wonder some people and business are still scared of getting online when nonsense decisions like this are being made.