Dutch News Site Sued For The Way Google Indexed Its Pages


imageA Google (NSDQ: GOOG) algorithm has managed to get a Dutch community news site successfully sued. Klup.nl, a network of user-edited news portals, was sued by a local BMW dealer, Zwartepoorte, because a Google search for Zwartepoorte + bankrupt returned a result for Klup.nl with this summary: “Full name: Zwartepoorte. Specialty: BMW


steve x

so, if someone took a pair of scissors to a newspaper and rearranged the words so that it read something libellous, the newspaper would be sued, not the scissor-wielder?

Philip John

What?! That's ridiculous! The legal teams really need to do their research properly. No wonder some people and business are still scared of getting online when nonsense decisions like this are being made.

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