Skype for Windows Beta Gains Screen Sharing


Screen Sharing in Skype 4_1 Beta for Windows

If the word “beta” doesn’t bother you and want some screen-sharing action on your Windows PC, go have a look-see at Skype 4.1. Version 2.8 for Mac already had the screen-sharing option, so this is new for the PC. Now you won’t be able to remotely interact with a fellow Skyper when sharing a screen, but this feature is useful for showing someone a doc, file or other object on your desktop. The latest beta version also restores the birthdates of your contacts and allows for the import of contacts from Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL.

Thanks for the tip, Dave!


Mickey Segal

I got around to trying this. I needed someone else to install it too so we could test, and his computer hung when trying to share the screen. His computer is way faster than mine.

This seems promising but not quite there yet.

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