Psion, Intel Settle Netbook Trademark Infringement Case

netbookPro_mainIt seems that we now have Intel and Psion sitting in a tree. The two companies are now both confirming a rumor that they have kissed and made up and settled their trademark infringement fight. Psion had trademarked the term “netBook” years ago when it was selling a product by that name, and last year Intel sued Psion to disqualify its trademark. Psion countersued, and things got ugly for a while, but now the two have settled.

There is no information regarding the terms of the settlement, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Psion got some cash in the deal. It’s not unusual for such terms to be deemed confidential in the legal settlement, so we’ll likely never know the details. We can all now carry on with our fascination with netbooks.


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