So Where’s My Palm Pre Info From Sprint?

palm-preIn late April, I questioned why Palm hadn’t gone “all-in” with marketing for the Pre. I realize that the company has limited cash and that carriers often help with handset marketing, so I’ll give Palm a bit of an out on this one. But we’re less than a week away from launching the Pre and I’m equally disappointed in Sprint.

When the Pre was announced by Palm at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, Sprint was partner for the event. We were told that we could go to the Sprint site and sign up to be notified when the Pre would become available. I signed up that very day, thinking I’d hear more about the Pre in various emails over the next six months. Do you know how many I’ve received? None. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Not a one.

Obviously, I know all about the Pre due to my job. I’ve seen third-party app demos, I’ve fondled the keyboard and I’ve spent time with it in the Sprint VIP lounge. But as a potential customer of the device, I’ve really heard little, even though I willingly offered Sprint the opportunity to email me. I have to wonder how many other folks signed up for information but didn’t receive any yet. I know I’ll be trying to buy a Pre this weekend — do other folks even know it’s about to launch?

Did any readers sign up for the same notification and if so, have you heard anything? Perhaps unlike real spam, information coming from Sprint is getting caught in my Gmail spam filter. ;)


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