So Where’s My Palm Pre Info From Sprint?


palm-preIn late April, I questioned why Palm hadn’t gone “all-in” with marketing for the Pre. I realize that the company has limited cash and that carriers often help with handset marketing, so I’ll give Palm (s PALM) a bit of an out on this one. But we’re less than a week away from launching the Pre and I’m equally disappointed in Sprint (s S).

When the Pre was announced by Palm at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, Sprint was partner for the event. We were told that we could go to the Sprint (s s) site and sign up to be notified when the Pre would become available. I signed up that very day, thinking I’d hear more about the Pre in various emails over the next six months. Do you know how many I’ve received? None. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Not a one.

Obviously, I know all about the Pre due to my job. I’ve seen third-party app demos, I’ve fondled the keyboard and I’ve spent time with it in the Sprint VIP lounge. But as a potential customer of the device, I’ve really heard little, even though I willingly offered Sprint the opportunity to email me. I have to wonder how many other folks signed up for information but didn’t receive any yet. I know I’ll be trying to buy a Pre this weekend — do other folks even know it’s about to launch?

Did any readers sign up for the same notification and if so, have you heard anything? Perhaps unlike real spam, information coming from Sprint is getting caught in my Gmail spam filter. ;)



I GOT MINE! loving it. having fun playing. How about the rest of you?? Did you get it??


OK so I did find out that my area in central MN Best buy store is only going to have THREE Pres. WTF Batman? I’m NOT going to camp out or stand in line.

I have also heard that the ‘rest” of the pre’s are not coming out until August… is that true? anyone heard?

I do hope that we will be able to buy before the day before, like the say, but it also says, “first come first serve”….. ug. I’m loosing energy on getting one of these.


SHHHHHHH! Those of us who plan on getting one on launch day know when the phone is set to release.

I’m happy they’re not advertising too much. This means I hopefully will have one in my hands on launch day.

Besides…they’re playing it smart/conservative. They don’t have the funds for an all out marketing campaign. They’ve already generated enough buzz online and in the blogsphere to generate interest from hardcore phone lovers.

They’re going to let the early adopters do the advertising for them (although it could backfire if the device is a disappointment). They’ll let us spread the word, blog, and newspapers will pick up on it. Then they’ll probably wait until the Macworld (whatever they call it) iPhone 3.0 releases dies down then start hitting heavy with the marketing.


PS: I won’t hurt to be the only Palm Pre owner I would know. I’m tired of everyone in the world having an iPhone. You can’t be unique when everyone has the same iPhone with the same color black or white. :)


I got a notification, but it came from Palm and not Sprint.

King James FAIL

Could get it at Sprint store and call Sprint and say hey bestbuy is offering it for $199 out the door I just paid $299 I do not want to wait 6-8 weeks for rebate and see if they ill credit you with a $100 credit(they have done this for people before including me on other phones) You can always take it back and get it from BestBuy and let them know that. Ten if you get the credit,Send off the rebate also and 9 times out of 10 you wil get that also as the rebates are handled by someone else and they don’t communicate with each other.. On my $99 Motorola Q I got not only $325 in rebates but also a $100 credit to my accound right after I got it =) another $50 service creit with one of the codes a couple months later and then a $10 discount on the monthly charged for the next year.


Not that I could get a Pre anyway. Best Buy in Washington State doesn’t even sell Sprint. There’s only two Wal-Marts in the area, and a handful of Sprint stores. So I figure what…50 to 100 Pre’s might be in the Seattle area (2 million) for sale. For gods sake…what the f**k is wrong with these companies. You can’t make a business selling 50 cell phones to the entire metro Seattle base. Maybe they’ll sell 500 in NY….but at $199 each…that’s not a big revenue stream.


I agree, Palm and Sprint seem determined to keep this phone secret. I’m a geek and read all the blogs and know about this phone. But not one person I know outside of the tech field has ever heard of the Pre. I’ve SEEN it flashed on a Sprint commercial, but they didn’t even say “Pre” much like talk about it. Everyone I know uses iPhones because they KNOW about them. Apple actually advertises…I’ve seen countless ads with their “there’s an app for that” line. How many Pre commercials? None. I know there’s this BIG build up to the ONE ad they’re going to release…but come on! It’s hard to sell a product when you’re keeping it secret! No ads, no commercials. Are these companies TRYING to go out of business?


hi. I actually went into the sprint store to get an instinct, and the sales associate told me about the new Pre coming out. I decided to hold out and wait until it came out on the 6th. Trying to be a good consumer, I did do some research on the phone and whatnot before deciding to buy it. Had I not been in the sprint store to buy the instinct, I would have never heard a word about it. I’m not a big techno-geek and my phone is the old katana 2. …2 years, time for my free upgrade. My friend has the iphone and think its super cool, but I am a devoted Sprint customer and have no intensions on leaving. I am however disappointed, as are all of you about the lack of information we’ve been getting. I had to call around to sprint, sprint store and best buy to see if I had really indeed, “pre registerd” and what that meant… was I entitled to a pre before someone who wasn’t ‘pre registered’ or what. I”ve gotten some confusing answers on that as well. The sprint store person told me that I might be able to get one on the 5th, a day early, and to just keep a watchful eye on my email. So far I’ve not seen a thing come through. I also contacted best buy, and they said that a “VERY LIMITED” quantity would be released. (i’ve heard that like 5 per store) but am not certain about that… I also know that Best Buy will offer the phone for the $199 and you don’t have to do the mail in rebates, whereas the sprint store, you have to do the $100 mail in rebates. So, now I don’t know where to go….Best Buy or Sprint store. Ive gotten so caught up in all this hype, I’m super stoked about getting the phone on the 5 or 6th and will be bummed if I don’t end up getting one!! arg!!! stop the madness!


Call your local Sprint store. The one I called here in Indiana said that they will begin selling the Pre at 6 PM June 5th. Of course, with the mail in rebate.

I have received two emails and probably the same flyer that Zatz mentioned. Thanks to you guys and Engadget the emails were useless since I already knew the info from them ;-)


I recall the day before the soft launch for the Samsung Instinct is when I got notification of the launch. As for marketing, WE are doing it for Sprint and Palm, I remember some folks saying the same thing about the Instinct. I’m embarrassed to admit I waited over an hour in line for the Instinct. The buzz for the Instinct was NO WHERE near the buzz is for the Pre. Also, Sprint usually launches their AD campaigns after they launch devices, Instinct is a perfect example, it sold pretty well.

Dave Zatz

I have a Sprint aircard, and as a customer (I assume) I got a little brochure in the mail a few days ago which prominently featured the Pre.

Carl Zulauf

@PJ the employees at the sprint store next to where I work (in Omaha, NE) are very aware of the impending Pre launch, are obviously being deliberately tight lipped about availability, and said their store has seen a lot of interest and they expect a long line at launch. I planned to start contacting local Best Buys and Radioshacks this week, but I fully expect most of their employees to be totally clueless. Surprised to hear you got response from a Sprint employee.


I guess what you are saying makes perfect sense and lack of information about the Pre from Sprint store and Radio Shack is no surprise since it seems they are really dragging this tight-lip-mega-ultra-super-secret marketing strategy for Pre. I guess waiting for another 5 more days wouldn’t hurt since I’ve been doing exactly that for past 6 months since they announced it. But would this phone really live up to its hype enough for me to switch over to Sprint? hmm.. dilemma.. wait another 6 months until other carriers join in on this Pre party?? dilemma, dilemma..


It’s funny you mention it because I signed up with 2 differen e-mail addresses just to make sure I get the notification and I haven’t got a single notice. I visitied my local Sprint Store and sales associate didn’t really know much of the device, which really surprised me since the phone is well withing its launch date. Radio Shack didn’t have ANY clue at all as to when the device is even launching and I ended up educating the sales associte about the official launch date, few device specs, and $100 rebate with 2 year contract. Seriously, is Pre really coming out on the 6th of June??

Carl Zulauf

I signed up for the Sprint notification under an email address created solely for the purpose of receiving these notifications (palmpre at examancer, dot com). I signed up right after CES. I received a single email at this address titled “Meet the Palm Pre” on 4/17/09. I have not received any other emails at that address.

Sprint has been extremely tight lipped about this and its starting to get a bit annoying. They won’t give clear answers about availability and won’t even address the rumors (which have some solid evidence) regarding premier customers getting access to the device on 6/5. I don’t get this strategy. I wouldn’t expect exact shipment numbers, but a little guidance regarding which locations will have the most stock would be fabulous for me and great for them. Local news would love to cover a story about long lines for a new phone during a recession. If they just tell us the best stocked locations that will virtually guarantee lines, which is free publicity and very very good publicity usually.

John Sullivan

Perhaps you should check your spam filter. I’ve gotten 4 emails from Sprint about the Pre, including one on the day that they announced the shipping date.


With the rumors of a shortage, it’s been suggested that maybe this is a bit of a soft launch. In other words, the first shipment might be selling out to the people on forums, etc. who already know about it, and then once they start getting more shipments in, then the advertising blitz would start in full.

I’m not sure whether or not that’s the case, but it’d make sense. You also would have the advantage of getting one last round of ‘beta testing’ and to get an OTA update deployed in case any fixes are needed before the mainstream public has their chance to get their hands on one.

As far as I’m concerned, I hope they don’t start advertising until after I get mine on June 6, but that’s just me. :D


I signed up a few months ago and still havent received anything. I also signed up for notifications from Palm and they did email the day the release date was announced.

Similarly, through my company we have access to the sprint corporate site for large companies like mine where there was a separate email notification. Sprint corporate/bluefish did email the date the release date was announce and also allowed for pre-ordering the phone which I did. The CSR said that she wasn’t sure if the pre-order they were offering would actually be done prior to June 6th or just right when available on June 6th.


I do recall getting one email from them a couple months ago (which I promptly deleted since it didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know). I believe the excuse for not having any grand marketing plans at this point in the game was that they would be having shortages and “didn’t want to aggravate people” by advertising a phone that people couldn’t purchase. An interesting way to handle advertising, to say the least.

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