HTC Touch Pro2 Looks Like a Top-Notch Windows Mobile Device

Image Credit: pocketnow

Image Credit: pocketnow

Brandon Miniman has only had his HTC Touch Pro2 for a few days, but based on his lengthy and detailed review, you’d think he had it for a few months. Over the course of four pages, he shares more information about the phone than I thought was possible. Various pictures show the dazzling 800 x 480 display while the rest of the specs are no less impressive. This device reminds of the HTC TyTN II on steroids. Of course, the Windows Mobile device has the custom Touch Flo 3D interface from HTC.

One very interesting aspect of the HTC software is the Push Internet feature, although I think it’s misnamed. Using it, you can specify the Touch Pro2 to download the content of a particular web page at predetermined intervals of time. ’round these parts, we call that “pull” technology, not “push,” but it’s appealing all the same. ;) Brandon says the HTC Touch Pro2 isn’t for sale in the US, but if you’re willing to forgo 3G, you can import one and use it with either T-Mobile or AT&T. At $700 or so, I’d be hard-pressed to give up that fast 3G connection, even though the phone just dazzles.

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