Like a Plodding Tortoise Poised to Win, Google Docs Adds .docx, .xlsx Support


google-docs-logoI just got word that Google added .xlsx and .docx file format support to Google Docs, making the online document application more useful to folks using recent versions of Microsoft Office (s MSFT) . Zoho Writer already supported .docx, so while this isn’t ground-breaking territory, it is important. Google and others continue to slowly chip away at the operating system and productivity empire Microsoft (s MSFT) has amassed over the years. Android and Google Docs might not be household names in the enterprise, but from a consumer perspective, the shift is on.



about time. but yet, they do have the problems pam mentioned. Gdocs is certainly no alternative to word.

Pam T.

Sorry Kevin, as far as I’m concerned Google has broken Docs badly. Uploading a doc strips the formatting from a Word document terribly – I lost not only the hanging indents, but also the line spacing. I used this back in the days of Writely and I never had these problems. Now a doc only works if I used Docs to originally write it. Overall, I don’t think GDocs works at all as advertised.

I’ve switched over to Zoho Docs for the time being, as I love their desktop app, but they have speed issues, IMHO.

Kevin C. Tofel

Ugh. That’s a bummer, Pam. If I wrote heavily formatted documents, I’d likely be in the same boat. Sounds like they have some work to do; I hope you reported the issue to them and that they get it fixed soon.

Pam T.

Dare I hope they’ve fixed some of their other problems as well? I quit using GDocs when they refused to recognize the hanging indent on uploaded docs. Stripped it out on the save and made writing manuscripts there useless.

Must go see…

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