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Evom: Convert & Transfer Movies From Your Computer and the Web

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I must admit, getting an iPhone has changed my media consumption habits a great deal. Pre-iPhone I would always have my iPod with me to listen to music, but that is all I would do. Now that I have my iPhone, I still listen to music from the iPod feature and stream music, but I also actually watch movies. Even though I had an iPod video before my iPhone I never watched videos on it; the screen was simply too small.

I am always on the hunt for software that makes my life easier, and I have finally found the holy grail of simple video conversion: Evom.

Before I found Evom, I was using HandBrake. HandBrake is “an open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder, available for MacOS X, Linux and Windows.” I will be the first to admit that HandBrake can handle pretty much any video thrown out it (and it’s free!), but it is definitely not “drag and drop.” I am sure a lot of users love the ability to tweak every little video setting, but I simply do not care. I want to drag a video into the program and completely forget about it. Enter Evom.


Converting a video is a two-step process: Select or drag movies, folders, or links into Evom, and then select your destination. If your destination is your iPod, Evom will automatically import the video into your iTunes library. Next time I sync my iPhone, my files are already there waiting for me, which is great because I usually load my iPhone with videos the night before traveling while I am trying to pack, so having my videos ready to go is a great time saver.

Another cool feature of Evom is the browser bookmarklet. Add the Evom bookmarklet to your browser, and you get one-click-downloading on flash video sites like YouTube.

As you can probably tell, I love the simplicity of Evom and am very excited for the final version to be released; however, Evom is currently in beta. There is no price listed on Evom’s web site, but after poking around in the preferences of the current version, it is clearly going to be a paid application. Unfortunately, when I clicked the “Buy a License” button in the preferences section of Evom I was brought to a broken URL, so I have no actual evidence of what the application will cost when the developers take the software out of beta.


It should be noted that a single user license of iPod Rip, the software that lets you copy music and movies off your iPod onto your computer that was developed by the same company, costs $19.95, so I would guess that Evom would be priced similarly.

8 Responses to “Evom: Convert & Transfer Movies From Your Computer and the Web”

  1. I have been using Evom and like the simplicity but it works sometimes…. problem is that I can get the DVD on Itunes and play on my Mac but when I sync on the Iphone it says “movie cannot be played”. So far now news from Evom support so if anyone else can help would be appreciated.

  2. Shahji

    This looks interesting. However, I still keep using visual hub because that is the only product that can make a DVD out of AVI or mp4. I really hope the developers add that ability soon or in the next release.

  3. Tyler

    I haven’t tried Evom yet, but I plan to. I’m a longtime video conversion fanatic, and am open to new methods. I personally don’t think that Handbrake is that bad if you use the Presets that are in there, but to each his own I suppose. @Kushi, if that’s the case, the developers should really look at the encoding methods they are using… that is a bit ridiculous.

  4. Kushi

    Simplicity ok. But when you obtain a 1.5GB from a 700MB file (iphone convertion), simplicity is not important anymore …
    Hope this will be better in the release version.

  5. Peter

    I recently spoke to the developers about their intentions with the app and while their initial intentions were to charge for Evom, they’ve decided to keep it free.