Another Palm Pre Review is Out: Om Malik Takes a Spin


palm-preKevin and I are no longer the only folks on the GigaOM Network who have seen the Palm (s palm) Pre in person. Om Malik of GigaOM had a chance meeting with the Palm Pre and has published a quick hands-on review of the phone. We are jealous of Om but interested to get his take on the phone which is due for release this coming weekend. Om’s take?

As I said, it is a pretty good-looking device, but it feels a little plasticky and is lower in build quality than a BlackBerry. It is squat, has a nice screen, and is easy to grip. It is round in the right places. However, the slide-out keyboard seems flimsy and cluttered. Let’s just say that after the Blackberry Curve 8900 keyboard, it didn’t quite cut the mustard.

The few lucky folks who have played with the Pre so far seem to all be mentioning the keyboard quality and the fact that the phone feels cheaply made. Let’s hope the Pre stacks up better than that in the long run, I know Kevin and I both are hoping that a great deal.



BOOOO!!! This fake half @ssed review copied and pasted from the clown BGR’s report… Quit trying to get ppl to read this full WOTS post.


@ OM: Troll Much?
Let me know when you have a real review!


Om’s review sounded lifted from BGR’s fraudulent “review” of the pre-prod unit. What does “feels cheap” even mean? Does it mean light weight? Because the published weight of the Pre is HEAVIER than the iPhone, and no one has ever complained about its light weight. Does it mean it’s made of plastic? Aren’t all of these phones?

The anti-Pre WHARGARBL this week is ridiculous. I’ve only read one review of a post production unit with any substance or honesty so far. The rest have all seemed fabricated.


Would you mind sharing with the group where you found that review?



Precentral, treocentral, everythingpre, prethinking, palmgoon, mypre, take your pick. ;)

Jordan Lund

You know when you go to a cell phone store and you see a phone on display and you pick it up only to realize it’s a fake shell with no working parts inside?

The Pre feels just like that. Seriously. It feels like a toy phone you’d give to a kid.

I love the screen, the internet access was fast and video played back fine, but it feels like a cheap piece of junk.

I’m not saying it IS a cheap piece of junk, just that it feels that way. After getting burned on the Palm Tungsten which got scratched by the flip cover they packed with it I’m a little leery of dropping $200 and agreeing to a 2 year contract on something that feels dodgy.


I have a blackberry currently. It’s looking like my last one. Pre, here I come.


“Plasticky?” Did they have dinner with BGR, or did they take a line from that so-called BGR article? Anyone who has a Treo Pro or had a chance to hold it, will tell you the Pro has a solid build, the Pre has the same casing. I know a few folks who have had the chance to feel-up the Pre since last week. Most of them Blackberry users, they all said the Pre has a solid build, someone saying the keyboard is flimsy and cluttered, is just blowing smoke. The Pre’s keyboard is more spacious than the Treo Pro.


Sounds like a blackberry fanboy is talking out of his ass.


Hopefully Kevin sees Om review before he buys his Pre. Once you go BlackBerry you’ll never go back. :)

Kevin C. Tofel

I read Om’s review and while I respect his opinion, he hasn’t changed mine. While I couldn’t hold the device by myself, I was able to use the keyboard on the Pre when I last saw it at CTIA Wireless. At this point, I do feel that it’s the weakest link in the device, but I thought the same about the onscreen keyboard of the iPhone early on as well. And there’s nothing stopping Palm or a 3rd party from adding a software keyboard for those who prefer it. ;)

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