Another Palm Pre Review is Out: Om Malik Takes a Spin

palm-preKevin and I are no longer the only folks on the GigaOM Network who have seen the Palm Pre in person. Om Malik of GigaOM had a chance meeting with the Palm Pre and has published a quick hands-on review of the phone. We are jealous of Om but interested to get his take on the phone which is due for release this coming weekend. Om’s take?

As I said, it is a pretty good-looking device, but it feels a little plasticky and is lower in build quality than a BlackBerry. It is squat, has a nice screen, and is easy to grip. It is round in the right places. However, the slide-out keyboard seems flimsy and cluttered. Let’s just say that after the Blackberry Curve 8900 keyboard, it didn’t quite cut the mustard.

The few lucky folks who have played with the Pre so far seem to all be mentioning the keyboard quality and the fact that the phone feels cheaply made. Let’s hope the Pre stacks up better than that in the long run, I know Kevin and I both are hoping that a great deal.

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