Our List: ‘Fresh Faces in Tech: 10 Kid Entrepreneurs to Watch’


imageGates, Dell, Fanning. They were the kid entrepreneurs of previous decades. Who are the teens of today trying to hatch the big media and tech ideas of tomorrow? We talked with venture capitalists, tech executives, college professors and entrepreneurs to find out.

In our list “Fresh Faces in Tech: 10 Entrepreneurs to Watch,” we highlight 10 kids — one only 15 years old and none yet of legal drinking age — who have created companies that in some cases are already bringing in millions of dollars in revenues. They range from a pair of twins who have started over a dozen web businesses that sell everything from shoes to parking spaces, to an MIT freshman who has designed an electric unicyle to reduce air pollution in developing countries. For the full list and complete write-ups on these young innovators and their companies, click here.



Interesting to see the younger gerneration doing so well. However anybody can start anywhere with the inspiration, motivation and ideas. Take a look at teimlo as we offer a starting point in mobile technology for the younger generation..

Gibron Williams

Oevae Marketing Consultants is proud of these fresh faces as they put tomorrow in gear.

Gibron T. Williams
Head Honcho
Oevae Marketing Consultants

James Spacey

These kids are remarkable to say the very least. Just full of talent and energy with an attitude of limitless possibility!

Make Money Online 4 Idiots

Man, it's just so exciting to see these kids making such waves online. I've been an online website creator for years, but the massive projects these guys are taking is hugely impressive – far beyond my horizons. Just inspiring. Also, seeing I have a few little kids at home, it gives me a lot of passion to that these kids are staying out of the problems that so many teenagers their age are caught up in. Real hope for the future for sure!


Personally, I wanted to be a young entrepreneur because I used to admire people who are doing great in any business industries. These kids would surely be the next Bill Gates of their generation!

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