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Advertising Potential on Kindle: Showtime Starts With Script Downloads

imageAmazon’s Kindle is being touted by some in the industry as one of the surefire ways publishers and content providers can charge for content, but Showtime is thinking a bit laterally on it: the CBS-owned subscription cable channel network is offering a free, downloadable version of the pilot script for its new series “Nurse Jackie,” featuring former Sopranos star Edie Falco, reports AdAge. This is the first such ad deal on Kindle, launched last year by Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN). Showtime will buy ad banners throughout and the Kindle storefront, promoting the show as well as this free download. The show will premiere on Showtime on June 8.

While this may seem a bit of a stretch of the kind of advertising that could be featured on Kindle going ahead, expect more such efforts, including media/newspaper publishers trying to promote their products. The wireless connection on Kindle could be used to serialize such efforts, if Amazon opens itself up to it. On its website, Amazon has typically stayed away from accepting banners ads, but has recently started accepting display advertising, besides other kinds of ad formats, including sponsored links and product ads.

One Response to “Advertising Potential on Kindle: Showtime Starts With Script Downloads”

  1. This is a good idea. I like the creative aspects of the advertising that goes into it. While I doubt that many people will be seriously interested in reading scripts for TV shows, at least they're trying, and this also gives writers an opportunity to study and learn how these shows are written.