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Susan Boyle Loses Talent Contest, Has Emotional Breakdown

The big news this weekend: Susan Boyle lost Britain’s Got Talent! Oh yes, the international phenomenon was actually competing in a silly little TV show. It seems the web video-powered hype cycle was too short for this particular contest, with Boyle’s breakthrough performance now seven weeks old. After losing this weekend, Boyle, who has had difficulty dealing with her newfound fame, was reportedly admitted to a clinic to treat an “emotional breakdown,” according to British tabloid The Daily Mail.

The show itself, driven by tremendous interest in Boyle, drew a record 19.2 million watchers this weekend, with 72 percent of those watching TV in the UK. It will surely draw many more viewers online. Of 4 million votes on the final, dance troupe Diversity had about 25 percent and Boyle had 20 percent. But even if massive YouTube viewership didn’t bring in the big bucks for show producers, it may well add to Boyle’s wealth, if she can regain her health. A U.S. tour and massive record deal are reportedly in the cards.

Judge Piers Morgan wrote on his blog,

“I genuinely believe that if she had been on one of the later audition shows, rather than the first one, she would have won easily…Coming second may just be the best thing that ever happens to her. She can now focus on recording an album without all the added pressure and attention she would have got for winning the show.”

Boyle, who reportedly has a learning disability, apparently turned off some fans when reports surfaced last week that she swore at reporters and threatened not to compete in the show’s final. This weekend, Boyle reportedly ran down a show corridor after the results shouting “I hate this show.” Afterwards, she was reportedly escorted by police from her hotel to a private clinic after she was “acting strangely” and “spaced out.”

Having just gotten back to my computer myself after being out all weekend, I caught up on the news and took a little walk down memory lane. Here’s Boyle’s journey in videos:

First televised performance in audition (I Dreamed a Dream). One of the most viral videos of all time, with more than 200 million views across multiple postings.

Semifinal performance (Memory, with a wobble). Within five days, this was 90 percent as viral as the first one, according to research firm Visible Measures.

Finals performance by Susan Boyle, reprise of I Dreamed a Dream, this time with more dramatic dry ice:

Finals performance by the winner, a multi-age dance group called Diversity:

Announcement of the winner, with Boyle giving gracious on-camera congratulations:

12 Responses to “Susan Boyle Loses Talent Contest, Has Emotional Breakdown”

  1. Leon Redmond

    The text in Proverbs 18:16 tells us; “A man’s gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men”, which is true of gifted middle-aged ladys as well. Miss Susan’s amazing gift will bring her before both the great and small of this world, which has already begun, such as her pivotal appearance on Oprah, whose subsequent endorsement will prove to be very valuable. The talk show route will provide a lot of much needed exposure. The media is the thing here Stateside. I think things will level off in about a year. She has a huge following in the USA. I think once she steps onto American soil, things will take off for her in a more stable manner. She may not become “mainstream” in the sense of those like Michael Jackson, or Elton John have, but I think she will run parallel to all that in a healthy career. I think making albums and live performances will be her staple. If she can take the pressures of ongoing broadway productions, she could become a major star in that niche. Andrew Lloyd Webber is watching her with consideration. The door he would open for her would establish her career aspirations for a lifetime. A healthy fanbase will remain worldwide. The limelight comes and goes, but I think she will be very successful.

  2. LaLon

    The woman has more raw talent than the creators [and stars] of this cornball show combined. She waited her entire life for a little recognition and she has a myriad of followers because she’s a) Real b) Talented c) humble: and it’s not the put on [read: pretend] stuff the members of that dance group exhibited. The lead guy couldn’t help but smirk when they said the group would be performing for the queen. Boyle deserved the win, especially after all the horrible things they said to her in the lead-in [done to discredit her publicly.] It was almost admonishment: they built her and now they’re going to humiliate her. Good grief learn to see through your programming.

  3. In regards to Susan Boyle, I’m going to venture a little further and suggest that we may be dealing with a BGT conspiracy that set Susan Boyle up for failure right from the get-go because maybe they did not feel that she was star material; or at least, their kind of star material??

    Let’s take Saturday night for example… it was not until 15 minutes before she was to go on stage that her gown FINALLY arrived to BGT’s performance center! So for the last half hour before she was to go up on stage, she was in complete hysterics because she had no idea if her gown would even arrive in time at all for her performance! Just wondering but what outside (or ah hem… inside forces) forces were responsible for the hold up on the delivery of that dress??? Hmmmm

    And while we’re on the subject, how is it that BGT even allowed some unscrupulous members of the press to harass her in such a way to cause her to finally give them a piece of her mind? Who was there from BGT to protect her at the time when that happened? But whatever the case may be, we will soon find out that that incident is only one of many similar incidents that occurred throughout the duration of Susan’s participation in this contest! It’s very obvious to me that something very fishy is going on here in La La Land and Simon Cowell will have a lot of questions to answer on all of this and I can’t wait to see this guy squirm.. BIG TIME!

  4. Wow, I remember back in the sixties when you could get 15 MINUTES of fame. Now it’s down to 15 seconds? I guess in this age of tweets we’ll be lucky for 15 milliseconds soon.

  5. paul moss

    oh come on. She is not the greatest singer in the world – its the juxtaposition of her look and her very good voice, that works. Once that novelty wears off (quickly) you’re left with a very good voice…but if you want singing and songs like that, why buy her? Why not get Celine or Elaine, they’re better singers, more original and better looking and FAR more interesting stars.
    15 seconds well and truly OVER


  7. Hollywood Singer

    Thankfully this may be the last we ever hear from Susan Boyle. She needs to go back on her meds and leave singing to the real professionals.