Buzz Corps Changes Name; You Could Win $2,500

Buzz Corps logoOur friends at Buzz Corps are changing their name to Ivy Worldwide, a fitting change to more accurately reflect their global position. You may not be familiar with Buzz Corps, but they were the brains behind the HP Magic Giveaway contest we ran awhile back that netted a lucky winner a bunch of sweet loot.

Ivy Worldwide is now in a position of needing a new logo to go along with its new name, and given the number of talented people out there, it’s meeting that need in a typical fashion for a highly plugged-in company: It’s running a contest in which the artist who creates a logo that it deems the best will win $2,500. If that isn’t enough, the next two runners-up with good designs will get some cool gear, such as an HP Mini 1000 netbook. Full rules and information about logo submissions are on the company’s web site, so check it out, and see if you can win you some summer loot.