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Delivering Video to the TV Still a Niche Market

How many people are watching Internet-delivered content on their TVs? Only a few million, and not many more than last year, determines analyst Dan Rayburn, in a guest post for our parent blog GigaOM.

Here’s a quick summary of Dan’s collected estimates. For more analysis, see his full post.

– 8 million Internet-connected Xbox 360s in the U.S.
– 1 million Xbox Live Gold members have downloaded the Netflix streaming app
– 445,000 TiVos capable of getting Amazon or Netflix content, more that can receive YouTube
– About 300,000 Roku units sold
– Less than 50,000 Vudu units sold
– Less than 500,000 Apple TVs sold
– 3 million broadband-enabled TVs to be sold in the next two years
– Less than 50,000 broadband-enabled Blu-ray players

3 Responses to “Delivering Video to the TV Still a Niche Market”

  1. Neno Brown

    I think this will be the case untill more players start to do what Alio is doing, bundling your computer into a flat-screen TV.