All My Mail Searches Multiple Web Mail Accounts at Once



There’s a lot to love about the iPhone (s aapl), but its ability to manage email is, well, lacking — especially when it comes to search. All My Mail is a new app from Attassa that lets you search across your web-based email accounts, including attachments and contact lists, to quickly find what you need.

The standard version to access one email account is free, but for $4.99 users can upgrade to the premium version and access mail and data across multiple accounts, including Gmail (s goog), AOL (s twx), and Microsoft Outlook (s msft) (also requires a $19.99 yearly subscription to the Attassa service).

All My Mail won’t suck down a lot of juice or cost you a ton of memory because user search requests are sent to, then processed in, the cloud. Results are kicked back in the form of threaded conversations, which makes narrowing down an elusive email really easy. Attachments are also grouped in a single list ordered by date, along with a preview of the messages to which they are attached.


The iPhone comes with a great Contact Book, but naturally interfaces with the phone’s calling features. All My Mail will comb through everyone in your email address book to find the name you need, display their contact information, then give you the option of adding the person to your iPhone contact list.


All My Mail won’t help manage the deluge of mail that’s weighing down your inbox, but it could come in handy when you need to get your hands on an important email and save the day.



I’ve been using mobile gmail. Holding out until apple mail on iPhone does threaded conversations. When??


It’s not something that I’m desperate enough to pay for, but it sounds almost like a handy little app.



Pretty bad review to not mention iPhone 3.0 has all these features built in.

Just wait a few weeks.

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