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Industry Moves: Google Public Policy Chief To Join Obama Administration

Google’s head of global public policy, Andrew McLaughlin, is joining the Obama administration as deputy chief technology officer, the NYT reports, citing sources. A Google (NSDQ: GOOG) spokesman confirmed to paidContent that McLaughlin was leaving, although he could not provide additional details. The NYT says McLaughlin will serve under Aneesh Chopra, who Obama appointed as the nation’s first chief technology officer in mid-April. McLauglin’s appointment should appease critics who were concerned that Chopra — the former secretary of technology in Virginia — was not from the Valley.

Google, of course, already has a prominent presence in the White House. Former business development exec Katie Jacobs Stanton was named the administration’s “director of citizen participation” in late January. And CEO Eric Schmidt is a member of the president

5 Responses to “Industry Moves: Google Public Policy Chief To Join Obama Administration”

  1. Google is probably the most innovative and dominant company in the entire world. Is it any wonder that they have so many top execs working their way into politics?

  2. vanderleun

    Well, I guess that puts paid to any chance Google will see the kind of anti-monopoly moves by the O justice department that so bedeviled Microsoft in the 90s.

    Too bad. They could use it.