WoW Recruits 500 Orcs In Cork As Gaming Booms

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imageWhile the news industry navel gazes over its inability to charge for online content, online video games continue to laugh in the face of the recession. As reports, MMO game World of Warcraft maker Blizzard Activision (NSDQ: ATVI) has hired an extra 500 staff at its support centre in Cork. The centre opened in 2007 and Blizzard only expected it to create 100 jobs by 2010 — but WoW’s exponential growth to 11 million subscribers worldwide has prompted a huge rise in demand for customer support.

The game studio contracts the centre to Industrial Development Agency Ireland, whose staff speak and write 25 languages between them. The game made $1.34 billion (£840 million) in revenue last year while the Vivendi (EPA: VIV) and Activision game efforts merged in a $18.9 billion (£11.8 billion) tie-up, which finally cleared in April.

(Photo: by Chanchan222)

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It's a good news that even if we're experiencing global financial crisis. The gaming industry is still surviving and even expanding their operations. More opportunities for unemployed people.

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