Will You Wait for the Verizon Palm Pre?

Verizon logopalm-pre-on-chargerPalm Pre news is everywhere each and every day as the launch of the phone gets nearer and dearer to our hearts. The biggest news today is easily the biggest Palm Pre news for a good while, as Reuters is reporting that Verizon has confirmed they will be getting the Palm Pre in “six months or so” after Sprint’s exclusivity expires.

Lowell McAdam of Verizon/ Vodafone also told Reuters that they would be carrying RIM’s BlackBerry Storm 2 and phones based on Google’s Android platform at that time. It looks like Verizon has decided to step up to the plate where hot smartphones are concerned.

The news of a Verizon Palm Pre may throw a wrench in the Sprint launch which is due in about a week. The weak Sprint network (and service) can be heard on forums as a major reason that some don’t think the Pre will sell as well at launch time as others. So how about it, will you now wait for a Verizon Pre? Or even the AT&T Pre since they would like to sell them too?


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