Welcome to GigaOM Pro


Today is a very exciting day for me. Having been a part of the analyst community for the last 10 years, I’ve relished the opportunity to engage with clients, press, bloggers, vendors and other members of the technology community in some of the most exciting areas of technology.

At the same time, it’s been fascinating to witness how real-time publishing platforms have changed the way analysts such as myself interact with interested readers, clients and vendors. The role of analyst has become one of influencer, as analysts at firms big and small utilize new tools such as Twitter, Facebook and, of course, blogs to communicate their expertise.

But even as market research analysts adapt to the new models, we at GigaOM believe there is room in the market for a new way to experience informed opinion, one that combines our best asset — our large and enthusiastic community of smart readers — with technology and market experts in an approachable and interactive format.

GigaOM Pro does just that, offering research from great independent analysts and allowing our audience to engage and discuss it both with the analysts and among yourselves.

We also offer great unique content from our own internal influencers — be it our editors, contributors or topic curators — and package it with the research to create a steady stream of deep-dive opinion on the most important issues in the mobile, consumer, green IT and cloud computing and infrastructure (and soon social web) spaces.

So, take a look around. Check out the great content we have (which today stands at 17 research reports, dozens of editor Long Views and curator Weekly Updates), see our list of analyst partners in the GigaOM Analyst Network and, if you like what you see, sign up for GigaOM Pro.

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