Tweetie for Mac Update: Now With Video Tweeting


Tweetie for Mac, big brother to the game-changing iPhone Twitter client of the same name, is shaking things up again with the desktop app’s latest update.

The update incorporates a range of smaller fixes and tweaks, including swipe gestures and improved URL-shortening. However, the big news is that Tweetie for Mac now incorporates video tweeting.

Video means that we can start creating richer tweets. The 140-character limit is all well and good, but for me, the idea of capturing moments on video has already set the sparks of inspiration flashing around my brain-box.

To give you an example, here’s a quick tweet I made yesterday, testing out Tweetie’s video upload: Me! Live! Playing Sigur Rós on glockenspiel, just for you.”

Once recorded, the video is uploaded to the yFrog video and picture hosting service. Alongside recording direct from the iSight camera, the application also supports drag-and-drop video uploads. Tweetie handles all the uploading, encoding and boring stuff, which means making new videos is fun and easy.

Tweetie’s developer, Loren Brichter of Atebits, also dropped hints to TheAppleBlog about the forthcoming update to the 2.0 iPhone version of Tweetie:

I don’t have a release date set, but I will say that Tweetie 2.0 for iPhone is BIG. It’s a complete rewrite based on the new Mac core, and I think it will take the Twitter client war to a new level, much like Tweetie 1.0 did at the time of the original release.

Fighting talk indeed; in the meantime, current users of Tweetie for Mac can update the application to activate video tweeting. If you’re looking to give Tweetie a try, it’s available for $14.95 or as a free ad-supported version.