Susan Boyle 90% As Viral As Last Time


Susan Boyle’s second performance on the world stage may not have had the shock value (or even the singing quality) of the first, but the audience anticipation was still there six weeks later, after she performed Memory for the semifinals of Britain’s Got Talent this weekend.

Videos of the second performance have already been seen 16.8 million times in the last five days, with 700 video postings around the web and 30,000 comments, according to video measurement firm Visible Measures. The original performance, which the firm has already crowned the fastest-growing viral video of all time, had more than 19 million views after the same interval, with 200 placements and 65,000 comments. So Visible Measures estimates Boyle Act 2 is performing at 90 percent of the original.

But Boyle’s first performance was not just about the first five days. Six weeks later, it’s been seen 235.5 million times.

While it may have been unprecedentedly viral, Boyle was a complete unknown before she appeared. Now that she’s a household name, familiarity is probably a boon and a detractor to her virality. We’re eager to take in her newest performance (and thus made sure to see it in the first five days) but also aware that nothing will ever be the same as the first (and probably not forwarding the video to all our friends like last time). I would bet that this video will peter out more quickly. Besides, there’s Boyle’s finals performance to look forward to.

As for whether anybody’s making any money from Round Two (where the first performance’s online popularity was virtually unmonetized)? This U.S. viewer saw promotional ads for the official BGT YouTube (s GOOG) channel. But once I went over to the channel, there were no paid ads there.


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A triple wow for Susan Boyle. I found out last week that she’s already in the Wikipedia. She’s that popular now. Come to think of it, she really made a show that day when she auditioned for Britain’s Got talent. One thing I learned, it only shows that age doesn’t matter when it comes to being determiined in reaching for your dream. Let’s do our best always… :-)


Fair enough, thanks :)

And good luck with the new premium offering. I’m urging our company to give it a shot!


Screenshot instead of embed? Weak Liz, seriously weak.

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