Palm Pre Hands-On Requires Tiny Fingers


palm-preWhile the rest of the geek world waits for the June 6 launch of Palm’s Pre (s PALM), BGR finagled a unit early. They’re working on a full review, of course, but they’re already offering their first impressions. What they’ve seen so far is what I’ve seen in person: The screen is solid, the device is responsive, and the keyboard is mite tight. I already knew the keyboard would take some getting used to, because I asked to touch the keyboard at CTIA Wireless. My wish was granted after we saw a demo of third-party apps and, as I said back then: Those keys are small. I liken them to the Centro keyboard, although there appeared to be a little more spacing between the rows on the Pre. They also have a slightly different feel, which helps, but even with my small hands, I know I’ll have some adjustment time to deal with.

In any case, folks looking for an Achilles’ heel should probably focus their comfort level on the keyboard. After all, you’ll be pounding out IMs, emails, and entering URLs all the live-long day, right? There’s no stopping Palm from adding an on-screen, soft keyboard in the future, but for launch day, you’ll be using those junior chiclets.


Chris S

To Informed:

I agree, its much more spacious than the Pro. I grabbed a photo of the 680 and the Pre’s keyboard looks fairly similar. Of course, I’m waiting for multiple review to come out to find a consensus.

Chris S

I was afraid of this, my hands are fairly large so this keyboard will be a problem. I went to Best Buy to test the Palm Pro keyboard, that key board is small as well and looks like the Pre’s.

If the Pre had my old Palm Treo 680 Keyboard, I would buy the Pre. The keyboard is holding me back now from switching from the iPhone.


Texting sounds like it will be somewhat annoying if that’s true, but I have always felt Palm and Blackberry style keys were too damn small, which is why I’ve always opted for devices like the Mogul and Touch Pro.

Still, even as a WinMo guy, I can’t help but get warm/fuzzy feelings about the Pre.

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