Meet GigaOM Pro, Our Subscription-Only Research Service


GigaOmPROBeta.Logo.Horizontal_celesteWhen I was looking for funding for GigaOM nearly three years ago, I had a very simple, four-slide PowerPoint presentation that I showed to potential investors. Two slides focused on the past, but the other two — the “money slides” — focused on my plan to build the company. It wasn’t exactly a complicated plan. All I wanted to do was build multiple revenue streams from our core competency of analyzing key technology trends and business news.

Even back in 2006, it was fairly obvious that you couldn’t build a next-generation media entity by relying on advertising as your sole revenue source. But unlike some of the larger media companies, we didn’t want to charge for our existing offerings, aka our blogs. That just doesn’t make sense. Instead, we wanted to do what we do best: provide analysis and context, and offer you more content — content that is worth paying for.

We started out with our main offering, GigaOM, and have since grown into a network of seven ad-supported blogs. In 2007, we started our expansion into events with the launch of NewTeeVee Live, and we now host four major conferences and a handful of smaller events every year. Today, we are taking the next step, with the launch of GigaOM Pro, our subscription-only research and analysis service.

Our goal has always been to provide high-quality content that addresses the needs of our community. Many have privately told us that there’s a need for long-form analysis that is more in-depth than current blog posts, that offers a 360-degree view of the technology landscape. What folks weren’t looking for was another research firm — there are already dozens of them doing a fantastic job, so why compete with them?

So I tasked our team with developing a new kind of offering that would allow us to leverage the on-the-ground expertise and insight of our current GigaOM Network sites to enable deeper conversations with our community. The result is GigaOM Pro.

Using WordPress’ BuddyPress social platform, we have created a research-driven platform that allows informed insiders, our community of readers and our network of analysts, editors and reporters to engage on an ongoing basis. We want this to be your one-stop shop for getting a grip on some of the newer technology trends. We are kicking it off by following some of the most rapidly changing sectors of the technology industry — Infrastructure, Mobile, Green IT and Connected Consumer — and will add more in the coming weeks.

As always, the quality of the offering comes down to the people involved.

We watched many of the top analysts with deep domain expertise become free agents over the past couple of years, either to work as consultants or start boutique firms specializing in the emerging technologies on which we’re focused. Michael Wolf, who heads up our research effort, helped put together a strong line-up of those experts, including occasional GigaOM contributors Juergen Urbanski, George Gilbert and Chetan Sharma, as well as new additions Rachel Happe, Steve Hawley and Clint Wheelock. Their experience and insight into their markets, as well as their work with their individual clients, make them uniquely qualified to deliver fresh, original research on the trends you want to hear about. As of today, we’ve got 17 research pieces that are available for download as PDFs if you subscribe for the service. (Check out “Social Media in the Enterprise” and “Will Storage Go The Way of The Server?“)  In the next few weeks, we’ll be adding new reports in all of our topic areas.

Here’s what else you can find on GigaOM Pro:

What: GigaOM Pro, a subscription-only service that allows you access to research and analysis by a team of GigaOM analysts, editorial curators and our in-house editorial team. The service is being introduced at $79 a year and is available at We are keeping the introductory price low enough to include a larger number of people so we can foster stronger conversations within the new site.

Details: GigaOM Pro is a new approach to research focused on delivering timely, high-value reports and analysis for technology innovators and insiders at a fraction of the cost of traditional market research vendors. Organized around technology verticals, GigaOM Pro provides subscribers with in-depth market research on emerging technologies, including Green IT, Infrastructure, the Connected Consumer, and Mobile, as well as daily insight into developing trends and events.

GigaOM Pro is divided into four verticals. Each vertical offers:

  • Briefings: classic research reports that focus on future growth opportunities offered by new technologies and trends in addition to helping you understand the disruptive impact of these technologies on various businesses.
  • Notes: analysts’ deeper dives into more-focused topics such as IPTV market dynamics, Google’s mobile app strategy, and VMware’s vSphere announcement.
  • Long Views: written by our in-house team, these editorial features look at key new developments in our markets, with a view to helping you spot tech business opportunities.
  • Quarterly Wrap-ups: reviews of previous quarter’s news in each domain, organized by themes and big events, based on blog posts from the last quarter. These wrap-ups provide larger context to the Green IT, Connected Consumer, Mobile and Infrastructure sectors we cover.
  • Weekly Updates: highlights of the weekly important news, emerging trends, and critical issues within each topic area.
  • Curated Links: Hand-picked links from around the web relating to each vertical. They provide you a quick, easy way to get a handle on some of the key developments in all the verticals we track.


Sandra Chalco

Congrats Om!
I went to the web page to subscribe but the link appears to be broken. Also, I want to make sure if it´s still $79 a year? because on the 7-day free trial appears $199, maybe the previous price was an introductory one.

Many thanks,

Randy Giusto


Congratulations on the launch. Having recently left IDC after 14 years there running mobility, consumer, PC, and some green stuff, it’s nice to see a fresh approach to research and thought leadership. As someone pointed out earlier, it’s an apples to oranges comparison to the research firms, as it should be.

All the best,
Randy G.


I think you should charge for the blog – $12 a year. I wish you the best with the new venture.

Perry Nelson

Congrats Om and the GigaOm Team!

I’ve been looking through research much of the day for a project I’m working on. Luckily, as a grad student I have partial access to Gartner and several other research tools at the moment. The price point and subject areas of Pro sound spot on. I wish you luck and look forward to hearing how it grows.

Jon Callaghan

Congrats Om, Paul, Michael, and the team at GigaOm on the launch of GigaOm Pro.

To me, this represents an important step in the evolution of blog-based media, for now we’re able to have interested readers dig deeper, spend more time thoughtfully analyzing the trends and drivers behind the news, and most importantly, engage the community in a longer, continuing conversation.

Congratulations to everyone on the team on a terrific and successful product launch, and congratulations to the company for taking such a bold leap into the ever expanding gap between full-blown research services and 200 word blog posts.

Saurabh Kaushik

Congratulations Om, on some level, I knew this was coming. Till date, we have admired you in open due to which you have cherished leaps and bounds. But I now fear that to hear your piece of mind, we have to pay for it. In your blogs you always admired Google’s supremacy by its monetization model. Why you could not do so without closing doors….?

Tarun Dua


I am pretty sure entrepreneurs/product managers/markets would be stoked to quote GigaOM Pro data in their pitch/sales decks instead of having to shell out $$$ for Gartner/.

Are you giving out free subscriptions to first thousand people who comment here though ;-)

Best of Luck

Rajeev Goel

Om, great idea and I’m optimistic it will succeed. People will pay for good content, which this should be. I guess you’ll be the first speaker at the next bunker series event ;)

– rajeev goel


In my experience, real analysis requires two-way communication. Analysts at Gartner accomplish this through lots of airline miles.

But that means they charge much more than 80 bucks.

Sustaining that type of trusted conversation through a virtual medium will be challenging.

Good luck! :)


Wow!! I was just looking for this kind of affordable service. $79 is a steal.. I was missing Forrester/eMarketer world after leaving MS. Going to sign-up soon.



being a tech info junkie I have to get this service, just signed up!

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