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Today is a big day for those of us in the GigaOM Network. After many months of hard work, we are proud to announce the launch of GigaOM Pro.

GigaOM Pro is home to solid research reports and industry analysis on everything from Cloud Computing to Mobile Technology, and of course, Apple. The best part is that GigaOM Pro takes the traditional research report model and turns it on its head by providing a community of like-minded analysts and enthusiasts to discuss everything published. During beta, the service can be had for just $79 a year.

Worth Checking Out

GigaOM Pro is launching with a massive amount of content, so I’ve pulled out highlights from just three of the best Apple-related reports here:

Will Google Lead the Way in Mobile App Innovation? — Google didn’t have the first-strike advantage that Apple did for a mobile app store, but what the networking giant does have is a track record of successful products and loads of cash to throw at the effort.

A Wandering Eye: Apple, AT&T and Verizon — Apple took a big risk by using AT&T exclusively for the iPhone in the U.S. and if the rumors are true, their relationship could be on rocky ground. So what would the benefits of an Apple/Verizon relationship be? Conversely, what’s the downside to Apple keeping its exclusive contract with AT&T?

Is the Age of the Web Tablet Finally Upon Us? — One of the hottest topics in recent months has involved the possibility that Apple will come out with some sort of tablet computer. (Bill Gates, of course, has long been a proponent of tablet computers.) Why would Apple be interested in tablet computing? Has the touchscreen moved from gimmicky sci-fi to practical machine?

We hope that you’ll find GigaOM Pro useful and would love your feedback.