From the Folks Who Bring You NewTeeVee: GigaOM Pro

We do our best to deliver news and analysis on a daily basis, but what if you want to go deeper? Today our parent company is launching a new research product called GigaOM Pro. For a low annual subscription price of $79, you get unlimited access to research reports and curation by research analysts and reporters, as well as longer essays on topics we GigaOM Network writers feel are particularly interesting.

Normally, research costs a pretty penny, and normally reading blogs is free, but we’re trying to do something in between with GigaOM Pro’s real-time, interactive approach to market research. NewTeeVee-type stuff comes under GigaOM Pro’s “Connected Consumer” category, but you get access to all the other categories as well, such as Green IT and Mobile.

All the “Connected Consumer” content will be curated by GigaOM’s new VP of Research (and former occasional NewTeeVee guest columnist) Michael Wolf. Among the research we’re launching with that NewTeeVee readers might want to check out are a couple of pieces written by tvstrategies analyst Steve Hawley: “The Future of Pay TV Services” and an IPTV market snapshot. We’re looking forward to the next report coming out, too — “The Evolution of Over-the-Top Video” from Colin Dixon, an analyst with The Diffusion Group (TDG).

Liz Shannon Miller, Chris Albrecht and I have also ducked out from our regular NewTeeVee duties a few times over the last couple months to write our own lengthy features for GigaOM Pro. We’ll be summarizing them here in the next few days in the hopes you’ll be enticed to sign up to read the full versions, but you can beat us to the punch by checking out the list here.