FiOS Is About to Light up My Life


I hope you’ll pardon the personal excitement and non-mobile aspect of this post, but to be fair, this has been a long time coming. Last July, I watched as contractors dug up the front lawn to prep us for Verizon’s FiOS service. And then I waited. Summer became fall, fall turned to winter, and then winter to spring. The flowers all bloomed as expected, but FiOS never arrived. Until now.

Finally, we can do some things we’ve been planning on for a while now here at the home office:

  • Upgrade our Internet service from 3 Mbps down and 768 kbps up to a speedy 20 Mbps both up and down. Our cost roughly doubles to $64.99 per month, but our service increases by nearly seven and 25 times down and up, respectively. This will save me tons of time when uploading podcasts and high-def videos. I thought about the 20 Mbps down/5 Mbps up service, which would save me around $15 monthly, but those HD videos are pretty big, especially if I upload the source file like I did last time.
  • Dump our oft-unused landline. We’ll save around $50 a month by dropping the phone service and just living with our cell phones.
  • Switch from satellite television to Verizon FiOS TV. I’ve been a huge fan and customer of Dish Network for 10 years, but Verizon is offering all of the same channels and then some for nearly $30 a month less. I’ll pay $57.99 for the Extreme HD Package plus an additional $19.95 per month for the HD DVR. I’m not keen on paying for a box rental, but I’m still coming out ahead.

Now, you’d think that this enhanced upload speed would be beneficial for my little Windows Home Server experiment. Unfortunately, as I continue to research the problem with my Remote Access, I’m fairly certain that many of you are correct. The issue appears to be that Verizon blocks port 80 to prevent you from running a web server on their service. That’s all well and good, but they need to face reality and peer into the future. The sharing of data out of your home is going to be a growing trend, and not just for us geeks. I don’t want to get all grumpy about it right now because all-in-all, I’m ecstatic that the FiOS is arriving next week. I plan to configure IIS on the WHS to use a different port to see if I can work around this issue.

In any case, you can expect faster posts starting next week from me. That is how FiOS works, right? All of my writing will get a speed boost? Hmm…maybe that’s an add-on service…

Sidenote: Just before I hit publish on this post, my doorbell rang. It was a contractor for Verizon and they’re marking the trench for FiOS right now. I just ordered the service online at dinnertime last night! I’ve got a good feeling about this!


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