Android Cupcake Starts Arriving


I am still waiting for the big Android update, Cupcake, to arrive on my T-Mobile G1 but word is trickling in that some lucky folks are already enjoying their treat. Reader Alvin has received his and is enjoying that soft keyboard that 1.5 brings to the table. Alvin sent along this photo to rub it in prove he has Cupcake and to show off that new keyboard:

Android 1.5 (Cupcake) On-screen Keyboard

Android 1.5 (Cupcake) On-screen Keyboard



Can it be true, I got cupcake for the JK?! Oh yeah, and it even came with a shiny new device… for free from Google ;)


Got mine just now! Now what’s it good for again… Been waiting so long, I forgot…


It has onscreen keyboard for texting entry. We can now record video. I’m going to try the bluetooth stereo headphone, they said it will support bluetooth stereo. Will see.

Alvin L

Tom Y

I woke up this morning to cupcake for breakfast. So it is starting to roll out finally.


If you are tired of waiting for your cupcake 1.5 ota update just follow the link below and you can download the “official 1.5 cupcake” upgrade from the google servers and manually install it. The official upgrade does not require you to root your phone.

The install instructions are accurate with the exception of instead of renaming the download to “” just rename the file to “update” enjoy your cupcake James and JK readers :)

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