Acer Netbook With Larger Screen Quickly Reviewed

Image Credit: GadgetMix

Image Credit: GadgetMix

Kamal DS (not related to Nintendo DS) over at GadgetMix spent a short amount of time with the newest Acer netbook and comes away with a mixed bag. The AO751H offers a higher resolution of 1,366 x 768 on its generous 11.6″ display, so that’s a plus. With a larger screen, you gain the ability to have a larger keyboard on a small device, so two thumbs up there as well. Battery life is a winner, too, offering 5.5 hours with wireless connectivity. Sounds like the netbook trifecta, no? GadgetMix feels that the solid battery life comes at a price because the Intel Atom Z520 CPU causes slow boot times and subpar performance when compared with the N270 or N280 chips. As a frame of reference, the Z520 is the same CPU used in the “I am not a netbook” Sony VAIO P.

My take: If you’re looking for a portable web surfer, don’t require demanding software applications, and want a reasonably priced device that won’t strain your eyes, the AO751H is worth a check. The keyboard looks good, the trackpad offers multi-gesture support, and five-plus hours of fun on a decent screen should offer a pleasant experience for under $400.


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