A Ton of Twitter Video Services Take On Each Other

With Twitter reaching new heights of mainstream popularity (thank you, Oprah!), it’s only natural that a generation of services would spring up to try and get a piece of that sweet micro-blogging action. And the action right now is in video. Since Twitter doesn’t host video, a raft of startups are vying to become your go-to platform for making and sharing micro-movies.

While 12seconds isn’t “new,” the company today announced a tighter integration with Twitter. Now you can log into the video service using just your Twitter account information, and your Twitter @replies and direct messages will appear in your feed in real time. Here’s a quick (and slightly amusing) vid the company put together to highlight the changes.

adding twitter connect and twitter conversation feed realtime! from Sol Lipman on Vimeo.

Perhaps 12seconds has been following VentureBeat, because that publication has been doing a heroic job of keeping up with the constantly changing space as everyone jumps into the video-for-Twitter pool. Late last week, Matt Marshall chronicled the back and forth between TwitVid.com and TwitVid.io as each service tried to outdo each other (almost in accelerated Twitter-time) with new features.

You’d be forgiven if trying to sort out TwitVid.com and TwiVid.io gave you a headache, as the two services are as similar as their names. Both are spin-offs from existing companies (Twit.Vid.com is from EatLime, TwitVid.io is from Fliggo), both let you log in using just your Twitter account, and both let you do direct uploads from your webcam. TwitVid.com’s hook is that it offers real-time uploads, which allows viewers to watch a video as its uploading (in our tests, this feature didn’t work that well). TwitVid.io tries to set itself apart with conversational features like a button to re-tweet vids and the ability to track when someone mentions your video on Twitter.

Thankfully, ImageShack doesn’t start with the letters “Tw.” VentureBeat (again!) reports that using ImageShack’s yfrog media hosting service, users can upload and share videos (it looks like there isn’t a direct webcam upload option) just like the others. The difference is that ImageShack uses H.264 instead of Flash to play the videos, which means the vids are higher in quality and iPhone owners can watch them.

But wait, there’s more! In addition to these, there’s also Twiddeo and BubbleTweet. Do we need this many video options for Twitter? Well, no. Like with everything else, this herd will thin, especially since there is so much overlap between the services.


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