Spotify Demos Android App, But Where’s The iPhone?

Music streamer Spotify was already on-record as hoping to unveil an application for iPhone, amongst other mobile platforms; a concept vid for an iPhone app even leaked out in February. But the first near-complete app it’s showing in public is actually on Android, and here’s the demo video…


The app, a work-in-progress, will be demoed at Google's I/O developer event in San Francisco – rare exposure across the Atlantic for a service that so far runs only in western Europe and Scandinavia. The app includes pre-caching of tracks for offline use and, of course, tracks playlisted in the desktop app are mirrored whilst mobile. It's no surprise that Spotify is unveiling its Google (NSDQ: GOOG) Android app at Google's own conference, but Android handsets' poor battery life may hamper its success as a music device. Further mobile announcements are due in the coming weeks and months from Spotify.