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Spotify Demos Android App, But Where’s The iPhone?

Music streamer Spotify was already on-record as hoping to unveil an application for iPhone, amongst other mobile platforms; a concept vid for an iPhone app even leaked out in February. But the first near-complete app it’s showing in public is actually on Android, and here’s the demo video…


The app, a work-in-progress, will be demoed at Google's I/O developer event in San Francisco – rare exposure across the Atlantic for a service that so far runs only in western Europe and Scandinavia. The app includes pre-caching of tracks for offline use and, of course, tracks playlisted in the desktop app are mirrored whilst mobile. It's no surprise that Spotify is unveiling its Google (NSDQ: GOOG) Android app at Google's own conference, but Android handsets' poor battery life may hamper its success as a music device. Further mobile announcements are due in the coming weeks and months from Spotify.

2 Responses to “Spotify Demos Android App, But Where’s The iPhone?”

  1. They must do something about the poor quality of their battery. Absolutely, they won't be successful with their music device with this battery condition.

  2. Well it would be pretty silly to demo an iPhone app at a Google conference, wouldn't it?

    More seriously, why would they launch on iPhone-only? As you say, Spotify is at present confined to Europe, where iPhone's market share is pretty small. For example, while iPhone has sold 1 million units in its first 16 months in the UK, Nokia's N95 sold 7 million in its first six months – and carries on selling strongly.